Can i download iTunes or similar App for Linux?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: AppleCan i download iTunes or similar App for Linux?
Shola Dabiri asked 2 years ago

Hi, i have been trying to get Apple iTunes for my iPhone on Linux because my PC was shipped with Ubuntu pre-installed. Unfortunately i have not been able to get iTunes or a Linux equivalent software that can help me synchronize files  and data from my phone to my Ubuntu Linux PC. Help please.

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Bethel answered 2 years ago

Well, Due to Apple’s proprietary software issues, most iPods and iPhones are not directly supported by MusicBee. … However, You can use the iPod & iPhone Driver plugin to sync your iPhone/iPod (requires iTunes to be installed, but plugin will launch iTunes automatically in background). Alternatively, you can run WINE to have iTunes installed on your Linux OS.

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