Linux gains ground as Lenovo Certifies Ubuntu & Red Hat WorkStations

Lenovo, happens to be the world’s number one PC seller, and has given Linux a big boost by certifying all its workstation computers for Red Hat and Ubuntu, two of the most popular open source software solutions.

This is good news as both distros are of two major Linux varients (Debian for Ubuntu and Rpm based Distros for Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

Now Linux users might enjoy full support from hard ware makers as regards drivers and kernel patches without need for waiting on community solutions.

It also means Linux users can save themselves the stress of having to install Linux themselves after purchasing a cheap or expensive PC then deal with the thought of dual booting with Windows or Mac. Yes! this is your very own Linux PC like System 76 is doing from get-go.

Lenovo and Red Hat together deliver a powerful combination with choice and flexibility using tried and tested open standards. Our combined hardware and software enables easy deployment and management of physical, virtual, and cloud environments while driving down the cost curve.


The quote above is from Red Hat’s official website as we look forward to more manufacturers following suite.

It shows how deep the partnership has gone as this is beyond workstations and regular PC devices. Support for data centers, cloud infrastructure and more are well represented.

In an interview with Forbes, Herman noted just how big Lenovo’s embrace of Linux is.

“Going beyond the box, this also includes full web support, dedicated Linux forums, configuration guidance and more,” Herman said.

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