10 Advantages of using Linux in Nigeria (Africa).

Linux is perhaps the third most popular operating system today after Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.

A lot of development and tweaking was and is still on-going in Linux as there are over one thousand independent projects from different distributions, groups or organizations.

Here in Nigeria and Africa in general, folks are used to Microsoft Windows and a little bit of Mac as these are heavily branded OS with a lot of vendors providing support for both hardware and software services.

Now, what makes Linux unique and why should anyone/firm consider using it in Africa?

Linus Torvalds invented Linux itself. In 1991, Torvalds when he was a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland where he had also been using Minix, a non-free Unix-like system, and began writing his own kernel.

This simply implies that Linux is a cousin to Apple Mac, FreeBSD and other Unix derivatives.

We give you concrete reasons why Linux should be used for day to day services be it for work or home.


Linux by far is the most secured operating system by default as much as most operating system’s security is dependent of its user.


Most Linux distributions are backed hundreds or thousands of developers contributing to the code, patching, security and updates of such project. With this in mind, there comes regular updates, patches and tips which also comes for free.

Firms like Google, KLM, New York Stock Exchange, Adobe, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nigerian Stock Exchange and more use Linux Servers.


Linux is free for most of it. Yes! Commercial versions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and perhaps SUSE but the vast majority are free and can be downloaded from each distribution’s website or mirrors. Its all on how you take it.


Every aspect of computing has an open source software or more these days. From Web Browsers to Graphic and Video Editing applications, Linux has a wide variety of softwares which are predominantly free. From Desktop publishing, to Office suites and more, Linux is superb.


When we talk about an operating system which only requires upgrades (usually 6months cycle for most distributions) without much hassles, Linux is superb. Though a lot of distributions are free, updates free, and tips too, using Linux will make life much easier whenever you might need to update or upgrade.


Most Linux distributions can drive hardware or bare metals as long as they are compatible to run on them.

You have less worries as to default drivers for a new server or computer on which you installed Linux. Yes! NVIDIA and other commercial drivers might be a bit of a hack for gamers, a lot of open source alternatives do exist with which one can get around with.


Unlike Microsoft Windows that seem to lag overtime with usage, application installment and more, Linux is even more stable than Mac when compared to performance after a certain duration of time after first install.


Linux is superb for Cloud Computing and similar technologies like Remote Desktops. Think of an operating system which will never fail you when you multi-task or run on a Network, then you can count on Linux.


Linux offers freedom to do a lot of tweaking, research and adventure for knowledge seekers. You are not obliged or restricted to certain software, services, service charge and all what-not when you try Linux or use it for production. You do not need to pay Windows license or operating system license fee or do same for software you use or install but can voluntarily contribute to any project of your choice. The end user is king and not a customer.


Most Hollywood companies and Multimedia companies use Linux to power heavy productions as it posses stability and superb rendering ability when dealing with large files.

There are countless other reasons why Africa needs Linux but i will limit these for the sake of time.

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