North Carolina aims to bring more women into computer science

Mary Hemphill and Aria Chernik describe an open source approach to improving gender equity in technology in their All Things Open 2019 Lightning Talk.

It’s well-known that women are under-represented in computer science and technology. A new initiative led by the NC Department of Public Instruction, Duke University, and IBM is working to reverse that trend by using an open source approach to bringing more computer science instruction into NC public schools.

“If we are going to truly shatter the outdated and unfortunately often dehumanizing system of education that we know today, we have got to use an open source approach to do it,” says Duke University professor Aria Chernik, who co-presented the Lightning Talk with Mary Hemphill of the NC Department of Public Instruction.

Watch “#IAmCS: An open source approach for equity-focused computer science education,” their Lightning Talk at the seventh annual All Things Open conference, to learn more about the #IAmCS campaign that aims to enroll more female students in computer science classes and encourage them to pursue careers in the field.


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