See Globacom APN and Settings

Globacom is perhaps the biggest Internet provider in Nigeria at the moment.

The Telecoms company brought about per second billing in the country and also a revolution in internet services too.

Here are simple steps on setting up Glo APN on Android devices.

This also works perfectly on most gadgets and PCs too so you might want to try it.

  1. Go to SETTINGS

    Select: More
  2. Then select MOBILE NETWORK

    Select: Access Point Names
  3. Create new APN

    You will see a screen similar to one displayed in image below:
  4. Enter the following parameters.
    Name: Glo HSI

    APN: gloflat
    User name: flatPassword: flat

    Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP
  6.  Select new setting.
  7. Restart the device

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