How to Add NTFS support and mount Windows Drive on Red Hat/CentOS Linux

Well due to licensing issues and a conflict of file system security, Red Hat turned off NTFS support by default on its operating system. NTFS is a Microsoft Windows file system commonly used since Windows NT up until Windows 10.

On Fedora and other Linux distributions, this is not the case as users can mount any windows drive by clicking or double clicking to access the directory.

Follow these commands on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS

yum install epel-release

EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) is a Fedora Special Interest Group that creates, maintains, and manages a set of additional high quality packages for Enterprise Linux, including, but not limited to, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS and Scientific Linux (SL), Oracle Linux (OL).

Now install the ntfs-3g driver

We have to install the ntfs-3g package with yum.

yum install ntfs-3g

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