How to Restore Linux Bootloader (Grub) After Installing Windows

Its is always an issue when you install Windows over Linux or after a Linux installation. The boot-loader record is altered and Windows boots without giving option for Linux.

The default boot-loader for Fedora and most Linux OS is Grub. This is how to fix such problems.

Lets guide you on step-step procedures to fix this matter especially on Fedora/Red Hat but you can also use Fedora Media or DVD this problem for other Linux distribution because Grub works as the default boot loader for all Linux Distributions.

Step 1 – Get Fedora Media

Step Two

Step 3: Chose Network Option – NO

Step 4: Enter Linux Shell

Step 5: Type this command

Step 6: Change Linux directory

Step 7: Re-install Grub to the first Partition on your drive

Step 8: Reboot or type Exit to go off Shell prompt and restart PC

That should do it. You now have your boot-partion mapped and grub re-installed. After restart it should give you options of selecting between Windows and Linux.

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