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A lot of Nigerian Blogs today give accurate information; as they seem to work with journalist of have people contributing constructively unlike some years ago where it was basically individuals posting stories. There has been a lot of controversy with bloggers all over the world but the basis of this article is to list top Nigerian Blogs and their rankings using Google Analysis and Alexa to state their standings.

  • Nairaland

Nairaland is Nigeria’s number one Forums and information website. One major advantages of Forums is having users post stories themselves while moderators or the Admin curtails excesses. The forum is owned by Mr Seun and has been in existence since 200-4 waxing strong till date. Built on SMF Forum software.

You can visit the forum on

Nairaland is ranked on Alexa with the following stats in the image below:

  • Naij now Legit

Naij rebranded to is a news blog build on CMS software WordPress or something similar. Our best guess is WordPress and it has been in existence since 2010 or so. The Blog offers very useful information especially in Politics and all stories are published by the Admin unlike forums. Visit Legit Blog today to enjoy great news.

  • YabaleftOnline

Yabaleft Online is a WordPress blog based in Lagos Nigeria. The blog also re-branded severally from a .com to .ng domain and is one of Nigeria’s most credible source for information. Bear in mind, the blog may not have the highest ranking but it does have the most number of Social Media followers at 3Million Facebook followers after our last count.

  • Linda Ikeji

Linda is the most successful female blogger in Nigeria and perhaps Africa. She started bloging in 2006 or so and has been consistent. She is by far the most controversial Nigerian Blogger and often attacked for her thought provoking stories especially on celebrities and high class personalities.

Linda started with Google’s Blogger and is still on Blogger but moved to a top level .com domain some years ago.

  • Castgist
A Global Forum but from Nigeria.

Castgist Forum is an open source forum based on phpbb forum software. It started full operations in 2017 but was attacked severally by hackers and down-times. It appears very stable now and is one of Nigeria’s best website which relishes good information. Users have freedom to post stories just like Nairaland and unlike the former, every story gets frontpage. Simply visit castgist here.

  • Gtbens Magazine

Gtbens Magazine is Nigeria’s first tech blog which commenced in 2004. The project has been through a lot as it is owned by Bensoft Enterprise and G-town Media both Nigerian and Ghanian organizations respectively but lacked financial backing and a team of open source contributors to propagate it. It is now being managed by Bensoft Enterprise team with occasional support from G-town media and a community of open source lovers in Africa. Visit Gtbens Magazine online here.

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