Clear Linux plans to attract developers.

Clear Linux is a distribution which is often highly regarded for its performance, often winning benchmark tests against other, more general purpose, distributions. Clear Linux is not just a testing ground for optimizations though, the project is also hoping to attract developers with rolling release desktop offerings and cutting edge versions of the GNU Compiler Collection. A post on the distribution’s blog reports: “For a distro looking to serve developers who pump out optimized code, being on the latest compiler is an absolute necessity. We’re currently running GCC9 and are poised to move to GCC10 as soon as it becomes available. The Clear Linux OS has always been very aggressive with applying compiler flags to optimize builds and we look forward to continuing this trend. We’ll also continue with our multiple-build approach so that those who aren’t flying with Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel AVX-512) optimizations, are still getting bang for their Intel AVX2 buck. Stays in lockstep with upstream. Clear Linux OS’s rolling release allows us to ensure that security mitigations that are available are included in the next release without any unreasonable delay.”

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