RedHat to Support LTS versions of Java

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Oracle is the company which currently owns and leads the development of the Java language and related tools. Since Java is often used in enterprise environments, developers want new versions of the Java language to be supported for longer periods of time. However, Oracle tends to offer shorter support cycles for Java and this, along with other limitations, has led Red Hatto take over support of Java’s long-term support releases. Packt reports: “Yesterday, Red Hat announced that it will serve as a steward of OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11, following the transition from Oracle. ‘With this transition’, says Red Hat, ‘we are affirming our support of the Java community and following a similar path that led to its leadership of both the OpenJDK 6 and OpenJDK 7 projects.’ At the end of January 2019, Oracle officially ended free public updates to Oracle JDK for non-Oracle customer commercial users. These users will no longer be able to get updates without an Oracle support contract. Additionally, Oracle has changed the Oracle JDK license (BCPL) so that commercial use for JDK 11 and beyond will require an Oracle subscription.”

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