Best Nigerian Blogs

These are a list of top Nigerian Blogs

  1. Nairaland

Nairaland is a forum which is quite popular in Nigeria and Africa. It is owned by a web developer called Seun for short. Nairaland ranks as the most popular website in the country and has been so since 2004. It has competitors but this is a good platform for everyone to share stories or articles. The moderators are very active so be careful not to get banned. Visit

2. Naij now is a blog which focuses on news in and around Nigeria. Anyone can register but it is not as open as Nairaland so your article or story might get altered or never hot front page. is the place if you wish to get political info first hand

3. Castgist

Castgist is a forum that is fast rising and also offers features like easy sign up and posting of articles or stories. Unlike Nairaland, every story hits front page while the moderators can take of your content if found to be unworthy.

4. Gtbens Magazine

Gtbens Magazine is a tech blog which focuses on Linux and IT news globally. It is a Nigerian Tech website and also offers features such as a question and answer page so visitors can enquire about the phone, PC or any tech stuff. Answers are often provided and users can also share tech stories though it will be moderated.

5. Linda Ikeji

Always getting into trouble but Linda is the most successful blogger in Nigeria at them moment and we are all proud of her. This blog focuses on celebrity gossip more than news itself. It also does quality reporting but majors on gossips and controversy.

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