How to get your Google Adsense Approved

Google Adsense is a simple advertisement program which enables web developers, bloggers or advertisers display ads on their web pages.

A lot of users have issues getting their Google adsense approved because the process is somewhat tricky. This is an easy guide to getting your google adsense approved quicker.

  1. Setup a Verified YouTube Channel. This is the easiest way to get your Adsense up and running. It by passes a lot of protocols and also gives most people a verified Adsense account.
  2. Blogger or Advertisers must have a website or web page with rich contents. Atleast rich articles with 500 or more words per post.
  3. Blogger or Advertisers must use original contents and not copy and paste as most folks will have it. Google robots have a way of detecting such scenarios. 10 to 15 Original content is needed.
  4. A valid domain extension must be used when hosting a website. Even on third party or free hosted platforms, google still prefers a top level domain. It does not matter if one is using a sub-domain. For instance .com, .net,, .ng, .au etc are typical examples of top level domains.
  5. Add Google analytics code to your website. It is wise to add google analytics codes to your website if you are the developer. This will enable google robots crawl and detect traffic on your website faster.
  6. Place your adsense verification code propoerly. Always drop google codes on the index.html or index.php (home page) header tags. This is the preferable place to drop google codes.
  7. Choose the right Ads to display. Google adsense gives you the option to choose between text, text and banners, banners only ads type. Also the sizes varies and one has the option to choose whether it be a vertical, horizontal or square ads.
  8. Have some sort of disclaimer or well layed out website describing you and your services. Create pages like About us, Contact us, Terms of Service etc.
  9. Infringement of images matters. Do not use copyright images. This is really a catch. Just modify and edit your own banners.

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